House in Fasoula I

A’ Design Award Bronze Winner 2021

The inspiration that triggered the design of this bioclimatic solar house in Fasoula, was the will to create a white "Z" shaped form, that was going to characterize the morphology of the building. The spaces were translated in volumes which created a composition that was placed into the cavities of this white form. The design is moved by simple geometries touching the modern minimalist trends, which led to the use of exposed concrete, large wooden surfaces and the use of the “neutral” white color. The building had to be placed in a slope, so the parking spaces were made in the earth, as a basement. This was built with stone, willing to highlight the relationship between the building and the environment and to create a solid morphological base for the development of the design. The functionality was an important design parameter, while the full exploitation of the environmental conditions in order to achieve thermal comfort, ranked the house in the nearly-zero energy building (nZEB) category.

Photos: Giorgos Charalambous


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