House in Limassol III

The main idea of ​​this nZEB bioclimatic residence in Agia Fyla Limassol, was based on the topography of the site which offers a unique view towards Limassol. Consequently, this feature is integrated into the design and the composition of the residence is analyzed in a distorted cubic geometry, with the extortion of voids which will be the living spaces, resulting in three levels that protrude from each other, creating points of view towards the city, which at the same time are exploiting the southern orientation. On the contrary, the approach to the design on the side of the street gives the impression of a two-story building with contrasting materials. At the ground level, the more “robust” materials are applied, such as stone cladding. On the contrary, at the first-floor level the openings and the wooden beams give a sense of lightness to the building. The bioclimatic design of the building is evident not only from the configuration of the levels but also from the transparent southern façade, which allows natural ventilation and natural lighting of the spaces. In this context, the use of thermal insulation materials and the use of active systems, such as a 4kW photovoltaic system, are included.

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