Social housing complex, Limassol

The main idea for this social housing complex, was developed around the desire to provide a space that would give a sense of "belonging" to the community. This was expressed through a central passage which stretches along the main plot and provides both direct access to most homes and gardens, but also a central common area for the neighboring residences. The intention was to create an area that would be visually appealing but also functional for the whole community. The proposed material palette is simplified, with local stonework on the ground floor wall and plastered, white walls on the first floor. Metallic, white railings are recommended for the exterior fencing in gardens, balconies and the roof. The aim of the selection of the above materials was to connect the composition with the landscape, and the creation of a friendly, warm neighborhood which will be a functional public and private space for the users. Along with the bioclimatic design, photovoltaic arrays (BIPV) were integrated in each building unit, making the proposal the first urban development in Cyprus with almost zero energy consumption.

Collaborators: Akis Stephanides, Christina Elia, Rafaella Moiseos

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