Park of pollination and succession Electra

The special character of the area (busy environmental past, no dominant use and position in the area) was the starting point of the synthetic thinking. The immediate vicinity with the «ΔΕΗ» facilities led to the naming of the park "Electra", since with the use of a single word, the mind goes to electricity, the extraction of lignite used for its production, and generally in energy. So the design proposal is characterized by a holistic approach to the landscape that gives equal importance to human activities and to the enhancement of the natural landscape. This is achieved through the creation of a functional network and of a composition of uses that will give social and spatial ergonomics in the area, in conjunction with the functional interface of the site with the existing surrounding area both in local and supra-local level.

Study group: Andreas Savvides, Anna Papadopoulou, Constantinos Vassiliades, Despina Parpa, Maria Prokopiou

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