Configuration of a monumental space in Mari

The aim of the proposal, was by entering the space, the visitor to perceive a strictly defined path, linear, upright and distinct, which introduces him in a ceremonial march of paying tribute, strongly signaled by its loneliness and its characteristics: The first remnant of the explosion, raises with its robust presence; becomes the first reflection of the destruction and marks the beginning of the final straight. The 13 sculptural ensembles, like physical presences of the thirteen heroes are lined up at angle, accentuating the perspective. Situated in proximity to the crater, looking the destruction in the eyes. At the same time, the visitor can have a different experience of things, as a necessary side of the same coin: 13 tense linear paths, start from different points of the basic path. Without order and consistency, intersect and involving in a destructive game with concentrations of remnants on fragmentary bases. The purpose of their existence is not functional; they are there to indicate the wandering, the panic and the tension, the exposure to the unwanted...
Associate Architect: Alkistis Kartsiou
Artist: Meletios Meletiou

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