Creation, recovery and enhancement of spaces in Kilkis

The main idea was based on the commentary of the urban plan of Kilkis. The spatial expression of the solution is given by the urban image, which is the orthonormal tracings (novelty item / rationalization of space) and the remnants of the unregulated web of the past (mainly in the city center), these two historical layers are reflected in the spatial expression of solution. The regularity of the city is experienced milder, with linear incisions on the floor that unconsciously pushing you into marches of motion, while the tense / irregular forms of the past, are experienced and strongly revived with the intelligent commingling of independent structures that create unexpected "obstacles", passages, staging areas and points which contain some information. Conclusively, the proposal is the configuration of modules within the site, which access is served by the vertical tracks. These different sections of uses, are marked by the polymorphic structures while the vertical motions mainly compose the linear incisions of the floor.

Associate Architects: Alkistis Kartsiou, Antonia Kalatha

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