Reformation of Eleftherias Square in Thessaloniki


The project team connects symbolically and substantially the history and the sea: it creates a contemporary urban space characterized by the historical traces of the region, highlights the enduring relationship of the city with the sea and is consistent with the energy needs of its time. Specifically, the water enters to the square from the sea, to meet lanes made of "traditional" materials, which are coming from walkways and important historical buildings of Ladadika area; together they create a linear motion and stand between the water and green elements. In the meantime, a ramp that rises and exceeds the coastal boundary, defines a leisure and view stroll over the ground. The shape of its individual characteristics liken the movement on a ship deck, the construction materials refer to colors, textures, and images of the old warehouses; all references to the neighboring port of the city. Associate Architect: Alkistis Kartsiou Electromechanical Study: Elmech - Consulting Engineers Landscape Study: Martha Hatziloizi, Meletios Meletiou

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